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Carmor is among the international market leaders companies and manufacturers in designated vehicles for military and civilian applications. We have been designing and manufacturing advance armored vehicles for national armies, United Nations forces, homeland security and civilian administrations worldwide since 1947.

Our specialist multi-mission vehicles are developed by expert engineers with field combat experience using the latest technologies and materials. Available in versatile configurations, they can be customized to suit different terrains and requirements. Our vehicles are tested in action and under fire, with rigorous laboratory testing to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.


News & Events

  • Carmor's latest Tanker delivery

    Carmor continues to deliver fuel tanks of the highest quality








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  • Carmor's Dual Purpose FireFighters in Operational Action

    Carmor’s Dual Purpose FireFighters  operated by the Home Front Command , saw their first Operational Action in November’s Bushfires that broke out all over the country.


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  • Now Supplying Mobile Convenience Stores for Soldiers in Remote Areas

    Carmor has been supplying the Israeli Military with specialized trucks and armored vehicles since its establishment in 1947 , and is proud to have recently supplied the Association for the Well being of Israel’s Soldiers (AWIS) – ‘ A’aguda Lema’an

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  • The Civil Protection Department of Malta

    The Civil Protection Department of Malta announces the three new fire fighting vehicles that it has received.

    The vehicles were supplied by Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions and are soon to be followed by an additional six vehicles that are scheduled

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  • Carmor has delivered it's newest version of Personnel Carriers to the Sao Paulo Police

    Four of Carmor’s newly designed Personnel Carriers from the Wolf family of vehicles, were successfuly delivered to Barzil soon to be seen on the streets of Sao Paulo  during Military Police missions

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  • Carmor's Riot Control Vehicles on the Streets of Brasil

    Recently delivered RCV’s to the military Police of San Paulo were used for the first time  , when riots broke out in the main avenue of the State – Paulista Avenue.




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  • Introducing The New "Wolf"

    Carmor is proud to introduce you to the newest member of the WOLF family of vehicles.

    The integration of state of the art features, that include improved armoring, reduced weight in addition to weapon and control systems, brings Carmor’s

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  • New Fire-Fighter model added to Carmor's Fleet

    Always moving forward, Carmor has designed and manufactured a new improved Saar model Fire-Fighter that will provide the team more sitting room and comfort inside in addition to better accessibility for quick and easy alighting and descending of the

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  • Carmor will be at Expodefensa 2015

    Come visit us at Expodefensa – International Defence and Security Trade Fair that will be held in Bogota , Columbia.

    You will find us there from 30th November to 2nd December 2015 at the Israeli Pavillion Stand 203A – TYSA.


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  • Carmor ships Firefighter vehicles to Europe

    Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions is proud to announce that we have successfully finalized a new agreement for the manufacture and delivery of a new fleet of Firefighter Vehicles for the use of a major developing Fire & Rescue Unit situated

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  • Fire Fighting Vehicles Supply

    We are proud to announce the delivery of Fire Fighter “Saar” model Vehicles to the Commissioner of fire and rescue.

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    Come and see us at :


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  • Carmor will supply Armored Vehicles worth $ 26 million

    Carmor, a public company (formerly ” Hatehof ” ) reports to the Stock Exchange that the Company and the foreign client signed an agreement for the design, manufacture and supply of armored vehicles . According to the agreement signed between the parties, the anticipated

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  • Hatehof completed the first delivery of the next generation RCV to the Israeli Police

    Hatehof completed the first delivery of the next generation riot control vehicles to the Israeli Police Department.

    The newly designed riot control vehicle has incorporated the latest state of the art equipment and design and has been commissioned by the

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  • Carmor won a tender for the production and supply to Latin-America State of armored vehicles & RCV's

    The production for a South American country is planned to start during 2014.  In response to the announcement Hatehof’s company bonds increased by 1.6% and yield decreased to 5.96%.


    Hatehof Industries, controlled by Brand Industries of

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  • Winning a Tender

    Carmor (Hatehof) was awarded a tender of delivery of Fire Fighting Vehicles to EU country

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  • Delivery of SAAR & ESHED - fire fighting vehicles

    Carmor has completed the first delivery of  fire fighting vehicles to the Ministry Of Public Security.

    This newly designed vehicle is used as the main first response vehicle to a variety of events. The new “Saar” vehicle has the capability

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