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Welcome to Hatehof Ltd one of the leading armored vehicles producer for military, police and law enforcement, HLS (Homeland Security) purpose vehicles, fire fighting and other special purpose armored and systems based vehicles.

Hatehof was founded in 1947 and has since been a one-stop-shop for armored and special purpose vehicles from the initial conceptual design, prototype development, field testing and all through serial production, thus having the flexibility to meet specific and unique customer requirements. Among our advantages are: interdisciplinary engineering approach, high quality manufacturing standards, many years of field and combat experience and close proximity to the battlefield. These have made us a preferred supplier to various armed forces around the globe, as well as a preferred partner to major players in the automotive industry, able to offer the most cost-effective & tailor-made solutions to our worldwide clients.  Our clients span major entities such as NATO and NATO allied countries, UN forces, militaries from the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East, all rely on our years of expertise.  The hands-on experience of our personnel, from our engineers, designers, developers, and production staff and up to our management levels, has made us an authority in armored vehicles and the best source for battlefield proven solutions.


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Our main areas of activity cover a wide range of fields:


1.Military Armored Vehicles and purposes: Multipurpose armored vehicles for command & control, border protection and patrolling, personnel carrying,  rapid intervention forces such as commandos and other special forces, medical evacuation armored ambulance, reconnaissance missions and much more.


2.Police and Law Enforcement Armored Vehicles and purposes: command & control, rapid intervention forces such as SWAT teams and other special units, and our special riot control vehicles with special non-lethal systems of dispersment.


3.HLS specialty vehicles – NBC and NBRC armored vehicles for purposes of command & control, sniffer vehicles, and decontamination unit vehicles used for decontamination and purification of an unconventional event site.


4.Firefighting and Rescue Vehicles – from command & control to fully equipped fire trucks with state-of-the-art fire fighting systems and rescue vehicles for military and civilian use such as airports, municipal purposes or industrial and chemical uses in strategic facilities.


5.Aircraft Refuelers and Tankers aircraft refuelers and tankers for the civilian and military market that have been developed by as for over sixty years with a wide range of systems and scales from truck mounted systems to full trailer versions.


Hatehof is your armored vehicles and special purpose vehicles production and manufacturing company for all of your military, law enforcement, fire fighting, HLS and civilian needs from start to finish.  Our years of experience on and off  the battlefield has given us an edge that surpass many other companies that rely on theory.  We hope that you contact us for your next project.